Rob Ford saga: Why is the mayor not facing criminal charges?

"He may end up being obtaining particular treatment, yet it"s definitely not far better treatment."

Lisi, Ford"s buddy along with occasional driver, had been caught beneath surveillance in suspicious circumstances with the mayor, and will be also now accused associated with extortion inside an try to obtain the infamous crack video.

"You would want incarceration in a penal institution to be able to have him literally removed through workplace and we appear being a really long way coming from that," Mascarin said.

However, Harvey says that once your feasible larger investigation will be complete, there is planning to be room to be able to pursue some other charges.
None with the allegations are already proven throughout court.

And although Pugash wouldn"t discuss information on the ongoing investigation, he ended up being quoted saying police will "follow the evidence wherever it goes."

Harvey stated Toronto police were "looking pertaining to murders, main drug dealers, not a guy selling a little little bit of marijuana or a mayor, because it turns out, smoking crack."

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, that has taken more than many of Ford"s crucial powers, stated Thursday the latest allegations against the mayor don"t have any influence on town business.
With a record through CTV Toronto"s Austin Delaney

But Michael Harvey, vice-president involving Investigative Remedies Network, believes Ford wasn"t the primary focus in the Toronto police investigation, and ended up being just "caught up" inside the investigation as becoming a consequence of wiretaps.
Police say there is certainly an open invitation for the mayor to always be able to fakeagent sit down with the lead investigator, but Ford"s lawyer has recommended him never to speak towards the police.
"He offers the right to stay silent. "It is really a bad strategy in terms of your getting a new possible defendant inside a criminal case to become providing statements."
"There additionally might be described as a quantity of investigations that are nonetheless ongoing that, by simply definition, tend to be heading being a lot more sensitive when you"re investigating your mayor," he said. Therefore exactly what does the actual Crown do? That They present their particular case, the defence lawyer gets up and says there"s simply no proof associated with the thing that was inside the pipe or even whatever, and also that"s the conclusion involving it.
Mayor receiving special treatment?
"This actually now is becoming a really individual issue," Kelly said. As Well As that"s why that they haven"t laid a new charge," Jacobsen said.

"They"re based on items that we don"t really see, yet we tend to be able to logically conclude," he said.

Police might become holding off laying fees simply because of Ford"s position as mayor involving Toronto, Bytensky said.
"Very usually people do think in which should you really have not even attempt to hide, then anyone definitely ought for you to be forthcoming with all the police," Bytensky said. Based on documents, police wiretaps overheard alleged gang members suggest they could use video images they had involving Ford making use of drugs in order to blackmail him.

"If most police get will become the word associated with somebody on a wiretap which Rob Ford does some thing or perhaps other, that"s effectively absolutely no evidence against Rob Ford," Bytensky said.

"Once you've any quantity of individuals under relatively serious criminal charges, they may be prepared to occur forward and say something in regards to the mayor that will in fact give them a new substantive cost -- something that could consider to the courts," he said.
"They"ve stripped him of just regarding every thing that he could possibly be stripped of," he said.

Lack associated with evidence

Toronto police spokesperson Mark Pugash confirmed Thursday that Project Brazen 2 -- from which in turn accused drug dealer Alessandro Lisi had been charged -- can be nonetheless ongoing.. Despite the new allegations, municipal lawyer John Mascarin stated area councillors are generally "beholden to their powers," along with can"t forcibly remove Ford via office.

Rob Ford saga: Why may always be the mayor not facing criminal charges? | CTV News
Media lawyer Peter Jacobsen stated if police are going to lay a charge, there features being reasonable and probable grounds that Ford possessed illegal substances.
The latest allegations against Rob Ford have led many to end up being able to wonder why your Mayor regarding Toronto isn"t facing criminal charges.
Project Brazen two nonetheless ongoing

In the event associated with an ongoing investigation, police use a "wide discretion to hold off laying charges," Bytensky said.
However, Bytensky said that since criminal law mostly operates through inferences, cases tend to become able to be circumstantial.
Criminal lawyer Boris Bytensky stated your wiretap information on Ford might not necessarily be substantive sufficient regarding police to end up being able to file criminal charges. "But for your town of Toronto, it's a go-forward schedule associated with carrying out metropolis business."
"That has been the truth once we discovered that we had been able to rescue the video that ended up on a difficult disk, however that perform well continues," Pugash told CTV News.

"There"s obviously the public safety component in many cases that would lead these phones act quickly, nevertheless in a case such as this, there"s pointless in order to rush ahead to lay charges until the investigation will be total -- and also I"m specific it"s even now ongoing," he bbw cams said.

The documents claim that the actual mayor created an offer to always be able to allegedly obtain your infamous crack video in return for $5,000 plus a car. while Ford didn't comment on the newest allegations with Metropolis Hall Thursday, he appeared on a U.S. sports radio demonstrate earlier inside the day calling the wiretap allegations an "outright lie."

Mascarin said the only approach to eliminate the mayor via workplace could be via criminal convictions and actual imprisonment.
Ford nevertheless throughout office

Wiretap details released Wednesday points too Ford could possess attemptedto purchase the alleged crack video 8 weeks prior to information in the video broke

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